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Florence enterprise is a Kochi based interior designing company that is known for its Korean Style interior designs. Korean style designs are sophisticated, minimalistic and try to incorporate their traditions by drawing inspiration from traditional aesthetics as much as they can. Korean style home interior designs are said to be very unique. Their designs are designed with minimalistic but natural elements with the minimal use of colors and furniture and by maximum use of natural light. We bring to you the best of Korean designs that are unique and amazing. We offer Korean style designs in designing kitchen cabinets, modular kitchens, commercial interior designs and apartment interior designs. Florence enterprise brings to superior Korean interior designs that can make any space look sophisticated and beautiful. With a team of highly experienced, professional innovative designers and architects we bring to you the best of designs and interiors. Our staff has well-versed knowledge in Korean designs and interiors. What makes our services different is our quality. We use the best quality products that are durable and reliable. Kitchen cabinet designs based on Korean designs are spacious and can be used for various purposes. Our kitchen cabinet designs are user-friendly and at the same time a piece of art that can be kept aside in any corner. We also customise our cabinets according to our customer's needs and demands. We design pieces that suit the best for you. Korean Modular Kitchen designs are designs or modules of cabinets that facilitate the effective usage of the spaces in the kitchen with minimal use of colors and decorative pieces. Modular kitchen is of different types namely, I-shaped modular kitchen, L-shaped modular kitchen etc. We have a huge catalog of Korean modular kitchen from which you can easily choose from according to your taste and preferences, depending on the size of your kitchen. Korean kitchen designs are more focused on natural light thro

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