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Curtain Cleaning

  • Curtain Cleaning

    The best curtain cleaning service with removing and re fixing in Kochi. We offer free home pickup and delivery at your convenience. Our rates are cheap as compared to other service providers in Kochi. We are offering Laundry and Dry cleaning service for curtains as per your requirement.Our rates are available in this website.Book a service +918592955955

Darning / Dying

  • Darning / Dying

    Darning is the process of smart stitching for teared portion of your dress. Dying is coloring of faded dress as your requirement. We offer at best rates for darning and dyeing service with free home pickup and Delivery in all areas of Kochi. You can book our service via our phone number +918592955955

Dry Cleaning Services

  • Dry Cleaning Services

    High quality dry cleaning services is the main highlight of our service. We offer special care for your party wears, Formals, blankets, curtains etc.Our dry cleaning service is a fast process and we deliver at your door step on your convenience.Our rates available in website. You can book our service via our phone number +918592955955 or website.

Laundry Services

  • Laundry service

    Black N White services is the No 1 laundry service for domestic and industrial service with high quality service and speed delivery.Laundry service includes wet washing, stain removing and ironing with wrinkle free packing. Vertical hanger delivery, express delivery are available for domestic Services.You can book our service via our phone number +918592955955 or our website

Contact Us

Contact Us

Black N White Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services is the No.1 Service for both Domestic and Business Customers in Kochi with Free Home Pick-up/Delivery.

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